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“Dream Big
Inspire the World”

Los Angeles is the midst of great and exciting change. In the 1950s, moving away from the city center to the suburbs was the goal of every homeowner. Today, with a population of nearly 4 million and the explosion of new, global-impact industries setting up in Los Angeles County, the surrounding areas closest to downtown are the most coveted in the world.  Yes, the world.

Elevar is an innovative, purpose-driven, community-centered real estate agency for the modern, progressive client looking for home in an emerging, dynamic, eclectic neighborhood. If you’re looking to sell, Elevar attracts the buyers who are specifically looking for a home in your up-and-coming neighborhood.

Jovani Pina and Andrew Munoz, owners of Elevar, are changing the way homes are sold and bought in Westlake, Echo Park, Silver Lake and Rampart. They aren’t your typical real estate office. They’re one-to-one partners with the local businesses and its residents. As native Angelenos, they bring local knowledge and customized, attentive service to their clients. With a focus on connecting new residents with local businesses, Elevar helps homeowners become familiar with their new neighborhood by providing them with built-in relationships with many of the areas most popular restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques. Their open houses feature flyers that promote local business by introducing special offers for prospective buyers looking to get a feel for what these culturally-rich neighborhoods have to offer.

Your relationship with Elevar doesn’t end at the open house or the closing of a sale. Jovani and Andrew are always working in the neighborhood with an aim to add value to their client’s daily lives. You can find them on a different corner every weekend in front of restaurants and cafés, offering 50% off pizza slices or lattes, or raffling bikes or plasma TVs, welcoming new residents to extend their living space into the vibrant, diverse walking community that is full of parks, bursting with new restaurants, farmers markets, rare cheese shops, hipster bars, and cozy mom-and-pop coffee shops that have been in the neighborhood for 40 years—while at the same time, Elevar helps local businesses in the area attain new, loyal clientele. Elevar’s unique business-community model brings everyone together for small-town experience in the middle of global metropolis.

“More than
Real Estate”

In fact, whether you’re a potential client, current resident or local business owner, your community partnership with Elevar goes far beyond real estate. Elevar’s mission is to #ElevateLA, whether they are connecting people to resources they need, hosting podcasts with longtime residents who share stories about these historic neighborhoods, and business owners who can give insight into the shops you’ve been wondering about, to holding Power Hour mastermind sessions for the community to network on a various topics specifically tailored for the resident of these areas, to investing and modernizing local businesses that are having trouble adapting to the transformation of the neighborhood, and, most importantly, to give back by donating a percentage of their earnings from the sale of every 3 or 4th home to a charity or cause.

If you’re looking for a home in the Westlake, Echo Park, Silver Lake, Rampart or surrounding areas, Elevar is ready to collaborate with you to find the perfect house and to connect you with this historically creative center of Los Angeles that is beckoning you home.  

Power Hour


Power Hour Elevate LA

In the spirit of their winged logo—symbolizing rising up, taking flight and sky’s the limit —coupled with their agency brand hashtag #ElevateLA, Jovani and Andrew will host “Power Hour” mastermind sessions that will focus on one topic per meeting, specifically tailored for the unique interests of residents and business owners from the area, creating a channel for the community to elevate and hone their knowledge and expand expertise on various topics, build relationships and grow professional and personal networks. The Power Hour is envisioned to be a permanent local space where people from different fields— writers, artists, lawyers, health professionals and entrepreneurs—working in sectors as varied as media, tech, business, science and entertainment, can come together for a meaningful exchange.

Giving Back


Family Members

“Family and Teamwork
Are Fundamental”

Elevar’s brand hashtag #ElevateLA is also about giving back.

Long term, small businesses are the backbone to any neighborhood, adding value by creating stronger and more resilient local economies that directly benefit residents. Just because an area is experiencing change doesn’t mean small businesses have to get left behind. Elevar would like to be the bridge of a generational partnership by investing in local businesses that are having trouble adapting to the transformation of the neighborhood by helping them modernize and make the necessary changes to attract and maintain a loyal patronage from the young, professional, creative demographic that Jovani and Andrew are members of. Elevar doesn’t want to see mom-and-pop businesses fold, they want to elevate them.

As Elevar grows, the agency plans to #ElevateLA by donating a percentage of their earnings from the sale of every 3 or 4th home to a charity or cause.

Family and teamwork are fundamental values to Elevar’s mission and vision for their business and community. What better way to live out these values than coaching and mentoring youth in after-school sports? Eventually, Elevar will invest into struggling neighborhoods by helping fund the rehabilitation or construction of community recreation centers—because when you elevate one part of L.A., you elevate all of L.A.



Small Business

“Keeping the local
Economy Booming”

Elvar plans to host podcasts with longtime residents to share inside stories about their historic neighborhoods, and business owners who can tell residents about their products and give insight to places they’ve been wondering about.

Elevar’s open houses feature flyers that promote local businesses by introducing special offers for prospective buyers looking to get a feel for these eclectic neighborhoods, while at the same time, keeping the local economy booming.

In the spirit of Where’s Waldo? it is a fun endeavor each weekend for residents to try to locate the area of Sunset Blvd. where Jovani and Andrew have teamed up with a small business to offer discounted tacos, pizza slices, lattes and other goodies, or raffling cool prizes.



Growth Together

“Let's grow

Elevar aims to be a business-community one-stop-shop. Whether you’re looking for a real estate agent, need some business advise, or just need a friend to talk to, Jovani and Andrew want to provide the community and its business owners with a place where they can walk in to find the resources they need.

If you’re a struggling business, Elevar will partner with you in ways where they can drip your small business to their database and contacts.

An “Elevar Community Calendar” will be available with the latest news and events in the area, but also for businesses to promote themselves to residents.

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